The light is designed for lighting of vast outdoor areas and it is intended for the
installation for illumination towers. It uses LED chips of the latest generation
from the producer Cree Inc. California/USA. The body of the light is made of
aluminium profile and stainless steel components. Optical elements are made
of PMMA with long-term life and optical stability. They are pressed from the
material filled with UV protection and supplemented with silicone sealing
satisfying the IP67 enclosure. Fixing the light using stainless steel elements
enables the easy tilting of the light. It is possible to individually position the
individual light modules. We also supply in option with the “B” control, this
option allows the control of the light stream with PWM or 1-10V. As an accessory
to the lights of the “B” type we supply the control unit providing the constant
light stream “CLO”. Another option “D” is the light controlled by the DALI
protocol. It is possible to custom multiply the lights into the sets for example up
to 1000 W. Connected by Wieland Gesis IP68.

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Code Typ W min W max Im min Im max Control Ra/K IP Optics Installation Dimensions (L x W x H) Download
TowerLED 143 235 22 200 28 800 B 750 65 PO stirrup 395 x 340 x 160 mm

Explanatory notes:

A - adjustable on driver
B - regulation 1–10 V + PWM

Z/B - suspension with side mount
Z - suspension only
P - mounted tiltable
V/B - built-in with side mount
S/V - post/boom for 63 mm

PO - area lighting
RU - shelf aisles
CR - pedestrian crossing
DR - two sided sales displays