This luminaire is designed to illuminate gas station pumps. It
is designed for built-in installation, suspended from a ceiling
structure, or as a surface luminaire. It offers the latest generation of
LED chips from CREE Inc. California/USA. Shaped robust anodized
aluminum housing provides perfect heat ventilation as well as
support structure with high rigidity. The optics used are made from
PMMA with UV protection and provide high resistance against
vandalism. Standard design IP65 is connected by a Wieland
Gesis connector P68. As an accessory we supply frames allowing
installation into ceiling structure, which makes it easier to replace
the incandescent lamps in current operations.

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Code Type W lm Control Ra/K IP Optics Installation Dimensions (L x W x H) Download
11452 PetroLED 50W IP65 50 6 400 A 840 65 PO P/Z 294 x 204 x 100 mm
11179 PetroLED 60W IP65 60 8 200 A 840 65 PO P/Z 294 x 204 x 100 mm
11600 PetroLED 77W IP65 77 10 200 A 840 65 PO P/Z 294 x 204 x 100 mm

Explanatory notes:

A - adjustable on driver
B - regulation 1–10 V + PWM

Z/B - suspension with side mount
Z - suspension only
P - mounted tiltable
V/B - built-in with side mount
S/V - post/boom for 63 mm

PO - area lighting
RU - shelf aisles
CR - pedestrian crossing
DR - two sided sales displays