We lower energy demand of industrial complexes

How to lower energy demand of buildings in industrial and logistics companies? What are the main benefits of the complex design by domestic LED fixtures manufacturer that has a production plant in Kamenický Šenov?

We asked Jiří Tůma, the Managing Director of THOME Lighting s.r.o. these and other questions on the topic of "savings".

THOME Lighting was able to perform many significant installations for engineering companies and logistic centers. How would you characterize their basic requirements, which you were able to successfully satisfy?

Based­ on our salesmen meetings with ­potential customers the most frequent requirement by building administrators is to lower overhead costs relative to ­maintenance of the lighting system while lowering energy consumption.

How many installations have you performed with your products in the last several years? Can you name some of the companies that used your solution to satisfy their requirements?

Through ­the course of 2014–2015 we performed some 200 installations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and­ Austria. From ­the more significant installations in ­the industrial sector I can name Vaillant Industrial Slovakia, Foxconn Technology CZ, BOGE Elastmetall, VVISS, Burgmaier Precision, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, DPP Praha, Harmanec – Kuvert, s.r.o., COFELY a.s. etc.

Just as in any other field you always struggle with competition. Will you tell us what benefits does your solution possess when compared with the already mentioned competition, if this is not your trade secret that is?

Of course that ­our LED illumination field includes many companies, often with­ very short history in the ­field, but also a number of renowned manufacturers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as abroad. As far as I see the foundation of our success is careful project preparation, which we call "customer turnkey design", where we place emphasis on maximum effectiveness in utilizing our products' technical potential.

Can you specify the process or better yet how the installation takes place from A to Z? How long does it take from customer inquiry until installation?

If a customer contacts us at he is then assigned to our salesman by region, who will arrange a first meeting, where he/she will introduce the potential customer with ­ our options of design, regulation method e.g. (DALI system) etc. Together they complete a business information sheet and ­ salesperson will ask for blueprints. Based on available information and customer­ requirements, our illumination expert will draw up a project with a simulation on the DIALUX software. Using this simulation the project department will design a customized technical solution and after this the sales department will prepare a quote for our products, possibly ­arrange installation work to be performed by our certified electricians. If it is required we can also prepare a return of investment calculation. We have a "turnkey" installation, which occurred within six weeks of initial contact, but this period is usually about 2-3 months.

What power savings do you achieve with your design? With respect to dropping prices of electricity the return of investment is several years, what kind of guarantee do you offer on your products?

Projects for the already mentioned types of businesses achieve direct energy savings of 50-80%. These savings are achieved by using available technologies not by nonobservance of standards for artificial lighting. Current development of electricity partially extends the return of investment, but this is interesting when you replace obsolete fixtures, as well ­ as when compared to acquisitio­n of new conventional fixtures. For example in an around the clock operation the return may be as early as 12 months.

In 2015 you've moved production into new premises, what are your plans for the future?

With respect to­ current­ production load we are preparing the construction of another section of our manufacture building, which will enable us to expand our selection with ­new products that are currently in development.

Does your portfolio include projects, which in some form are unconventional whether in extent or other specifics?

First that comes to mind is our first larger installation in ­climate controlled warehouses HOPI s.r.o., where 400W lamps were replaced by 65 W fixtures in conditions where temperatures go all the way down to -40 °C. As far as atypical dimensions well that would be the replacement of fixtures in the ­shipping warehouse of Východoslovenské železárny in ­Košice, with ­operational surrounding temperature of up to 65 °C and­ building length of about 700 m.

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