HOPI s.r.o - freezing hall H4, Jažlovice

HOPI s.r.o. Logistics Complex is located in the industrial zone Jažlovice (Říčany u Prahy). The compound contains 4 large area warehousing facilities.

Investor objective

To achieve desired illumination level while lowering overhead costs.

Used design

Installation of new LED lights, controlled by motion detectors


Climate control building H4 illuminated by 170 HID fixtures (400 W MTH). Taking into consideration operating conditions (-28 °C), installation height (13.5 m), the state of these fixtures and the required intensity of illumination it was decided to perform the renovation of basic illumination in this building while preserving the electrical wiring. Based on the inspection readings, configuration of illumination circuits and qualitative requirements of the investor the most effective option was selected, which includes new 150 industrial LineLED fixtures (65 W) controlled in aisles between shelves by motion detectors manufactured by B.E.G.


Lighting intensity
Original average illumination intensity 140 lx
New illumination intensity level 180 lx
Increase in space illumination intensity 29 %
Power consumption
Original immediate consumption 76,5 kW
New maximum immediate consumption 9,75 kW
Decrease in immediate power consumption 87 %
Annual power consumption - original illumination 572 832 kWh
Annual power consumption - new LED illumination 52 079 kWh
Annual operational power savings 91 %
Additional information
Annual CO2 emissions decrease 521 tun
Completion deadline listopad 2012
Supplier CORSIN s.r.o.